Good Neighbour fencing is a strong and attractive fencing solution for any home.  It offers clean crisp lines on both sides of the fence and is built to last.  It won’t be eaten away by termites, it won’t rot and it won’t burn.  It is very easy to install and easy to maintain.  This is available as a DIY product or the team at Retaining Walls & Fencing Direct can assist with selecting your style, colour and of course installation.

There are many heights and profiles available so different looks can be achieved.  Good Neighbour fencing is design to Australian Standards, traditionally 1.8m is the standard height, but can also be rolled to suit your height requirements.  The design is flexible so this type of fencing can be used on flat or sloping sites.  It is available in a full spectrum of fashionable colours or as unpainted zinc/aluminium.

Good Neighbour fencing provides security and privacy and is great for the environment as steel is a 100% recyclable material.

Our products are manufacture by BHP Australia.

All the features and benefits apply to post and rail fencing only the sheets are not double sided with fencing on one side and post & rail visible on the other.


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